Sensei Gaby Hajnasr

Sensei Gaby Hajnasr started his training at the age of 4 under the guidance and instruction of his father, Sifu George Hajnasr. Sensei Gaby earned his black belt at the age of 10, becoming a 2nd degree by the age of 12. Sensei Gaby is trained in the Eclectic Karate System as well as in Kickboxing and has won many first place honors in tournaments featuring sparring and weapons. Sensei Gaby was fortunate to have trained in the Art of Jeet Kune Do under a few original students of the late Bruce Lee such as Ted Wong and Steve Golden. Sensei Gaby is a TRX Trainer and  has intense passion for MMA, nutrition and fitness and continues his training sharing his knowledge and skill. Sensei Gaby is a graduate of Silver Lake Regional High School where he actively played Varsity football and broke the school’s Lift-A-Thon record with lifting a combined weight of 15500lbs plus at only 17 years old.

1752 lb 


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