What is it about the MMAXOUT workout program that has retained interest, generated new buzz and doesn’t look like it’s fading away soon?

​​MMAXOUT Fitness- Mixed Martial Arts eXtreme workOUT​

MMAXOUT developed a structured regime using 5 levels mention below:

> How to Develop Lean Muscle
> Importance of Proper Nutrition
> Maximize Your Metabolism With Strength Training
> Muscle Transformation Workouts
> Amazing results in just 30 Days
> Fat Loss and Muscle Building

​MMAX Interval - This stop-and-go cardio workout lengthens your body with muscle Xplosions.
MMAX Rep -​ It’s you against the clock burning out your muscles and increasing your strength through explosive and muscle shocking movements.
MMAX Lean -​ This discipline takes you beyond your cardio performance by combining strength, balance, flexibility and breathing techniques.
MMAX Xtreme - Kicks, punches, knees and cardio bundled into an XTREME experience!
MMAX Fit - This combine all the workouts into a fun challenging event that get members sweating with tears…

​MMAX-KICK (Cardio Kickboxing) - High energy, explosive cardio kickboxing class mmaxout style. We keep it pumping and intense followed by a great core workout.

Combat Fitness (Cardio Bag )- This high energy, hard hitting, xplosive style class burns calories like nothing else. Using boxing & kickboxing skills as well as Mixed Martial Art based fight motions you will release that inner fighter without having to fight. This is a contact to heavy bag & focus mitt only program, not people.