Jeet Kune Do Academy Of Mixed Martial Arts
Blocks & Strikes There are many yin and yang blocks and strikes in JKD. To determine which is yin and which is yang is very simple. Any blocks that are in reference to the centerline are yang blocks. Any blocks in reference to self-centerline are yin. A better way to remember this is that most of the time when blocks have been executed inward, with positive energy, they are yang motions. Any blocks that are executed outward with negative energy are yin motion. If your opponent is standing in front of you, then the core of the mother line is connected to his mother line core. That will be the positive energy line, directly on the plane, right in front of you. But if you happen to move, then the imaginary centerline remains on center while your self-centerline travels with you. No matter how you shift, your self-centerline moves. Then the yin blocks, follows the negative power, in relationship with the self-centerline. In addition, some techniques are executed with just yang powers. Like pock sow Choon Choy, (slapping hand, back fist) gum sow gwa Choy, (pressing hand, back fist) most of the time all motions in JKD are yin and yang with all strikes finishing in yang motion on the centerline. Yin Motions Woo Sow Guarding Hand Tun Sow Showing Hand Noy Jut Sow Outside Jerking Hand Tuet Sow Freeing Hand Huen Sow Circling Hand Gung Sow Low Sweep Block Lon Sow Bar Arm Lop Sow Grabbing Hand Fack Sow High Block Ding Sow J - Hand         Yang Motions Biu Sow Finger Jab Pock Sow Slapping Hand Jom Sow Chopping Hand Fook Sow Bridging Hand Bong Sow Wing Arm deflection Biu Jon Sow Thrusting Hnad Jut Sow Jerking Hand Cow Sow Catching Hand Hung Sow Strolling Hand Loy Jut Sow Inside Jerking Hand Jeep Sow Breaking Block Chun-Q Bridging Block Yang Strikes Choon Choy or Choon Kune Strainght Vertical Punch Cho Kune or Chop Choy Low Hammer Punch Foon Nun Kune Phoenix Punch Goon Gee Kune Ginger Punch Chow Kune or June Kune Shovel Hook Loy Doy Gock Kune Inside Diagonal Punch Chop Kune or Ping Choy Horizontal Punch Gwa Choy Back Hand Lynn Why Kune Continuous Chain Punch Jin Jan Vertical Palm Strike Chung Jan High Angle Spade Palm Strike Chung Die Jan Low Spade Palm Strike Pow Jan Upward Palm Strike Fun Sow Chopping Hand